Install Microsoft VX-1000, VX-3000 or VX-6000 webcam on Windows 10

Microsoft VX-1000 webcam

Remember? A product of 2007, it’s been a while… if you try to install the latest Lifecam on Windows 10, you will get..

Microsoft Lifecam, Windows 10 compatibility issue
Microsoft Lifecam, Windows 10 compatibility issue

Let’s fix the problem by installing manually the driver..

1. Download the driver for 64 bit: VX-1000, VX-3000VX-6000
2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
3. Open “Device Manager”, right click on “USB camera”, select “Update Driver”, browse for the driver and install.

Update 27/10/2017: 32 bit drivers: VX-1000, VX-3000VX-6000
Update 12/12/2017: It works only with classic Skype ( doesn’t work with Skype or Camera App from Windows Store

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  1. Thank you ! After trying everything, I came across this driver, and it worked for windows 10, which doesn’t care about those “obsolete” cameras and try to get you to buy new ones… will spread the link, if that’s allright.

  2. This doesn’t work for me. I get the same error that Windows was unable to install it. W 10 Pro, Version 1709. Would love suggestions

  3. Is it possible to get a 32bit version of the VX-3000 drivers. If these drivers are 32bit too, then they aren’t supported on the latest win10 creator’s edition. Even tried to use device manager to point to the inf file and still it wouldn’t recognize the device.

  4. Oueta, thank you so much for your efforts. The update you had posted for the 32bit drivers worked like a charm. This page needs a link in Microsoft answers! Kudos.

  5. Windows 10 64 bit . did everything and i get : windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them. Access is denied . please help!

  6. Good news: the drive installed without a issue.
    Bad news: The webcam, a 3000, isn’t seen by skype.
    Back to where I started. Oh well.

    Thanks for the effort though.

  7. I downloaded the driver for LifeCam VX=3000 on Windows 10 Creators version and I can now Skype call again. I did find though that Cortana is no longer available since downloading aforementioned driver.

  8. Champion. I have been burning heaps of time over this and your driver upload worked a treat. Phew. FYI, the procedure I used was to unplug the lifecam, then download the zip file > downloads, copy out of the zip file the folder, find and run the .exe file and then install the lifecam. A few “bings” and it was working. I am starting to hate Microsoft. Thanks again. Peter

  9. This works great for my vx-6000! Thanks! But is there anyway to adjust camera settings anymore?

    My webcam has a strange issue where if I leave it plugged into the laptop when I start the computer, the webcam is not seen by the computer at all. Doesn’t matter if the computer is turned on cold or waking up from hibernation. It’s not a driver issue as it’s not even visible in device manager. But if I unplug and re-plug the webcam, it works. But I found a strange fix. If I attach an USB hub to my laptop and plug the webcam into the hub, it’ll now always work. The USB hub is not even externally powered. Perhaps the old usb hardware on the webcam can’t always deal with 11 years of changes in the newer usb hardware. Hope this helps someone in case I’m not the only one with this issue.

  10. Good day

    Thanks, alot.. was so frustrated downloading and installing crap, I almost threw away a good working camera.

    Thank you.

  11. How do I get the classic Skype? I go to the link, and it recognizes that I have Win 10 and tells me it’s already installed. I click on the download anyway, and it only gives me the option to launch the MS Store version that is already installed.

  12. This is ridiculous. Your instructions worked like a charm. Then the very next day, Win 10 did an update and I was back to square one with no webcam. Had to reconnect the driver again (I still had it in my downloads since I just did this yesterday!). Should I just refrain from updating from now on??

  13. Thanks ! I tried for hours without success until I found your post and links.
    Working fine on Win 10 Creators Update x64

  14. VX-6000 works great! I just bought the newest comparable model of this brand and there is no zoom or focus. Glad i didn’t get rid of this one and more glad i found this site to get drivers!

  15. Just like to say a very big thanks for this tip and this site…..searched for ages on the microsoft support site and just went in circles. No real help offered, and certainly no link to useful drivers as there is here.
    Then I spotted that 12 people had been helped by this sites solution. It worked like a charm, and windows 10 now sees my VX-6000 as it should.
    Thank you so much for this useful information and help. A+++

  16. Mang thanks, this works fine on my win10 system wiyh all the updates applied.
    I downloaded the driver and cyberlinks youcam ( free version) and even the current skype version is working again.
    All this was not a lifesafer , but some win10 developers are with there pants down..

  17. AWESOME…THANK YOU so much!!!! I was about to give up. F…MS!!! Nothing on the Microsoft site no help nada. I will never ever buy a MS hardware product ever again. This is how you lose customers for a lifetime. About time that MS rethinks their approach.

  18. Hello,

    How did you install the drivers from the VX-6000 map after unzipping ?
    Since i have upgraded yesterday to April 2018 upgrade V1803-17134.1, my MS LifeCam VX-6000 doesn’t work anymore. I checked and found that all drivers are installed and i receive “”error code 39″” which means that the drivers are not loaded into the memory.

    I’m working with that camera since XP-7-8.0-8.1 Pro and Windows 10 with V1507-1511-1607-1703-1709 with no problems in all this versions. So yesterday camera no working anymore.

    How do i fixe the uploading of the drivers in het system (they are allready there) !


    Jean-Marie Lepercq

  19. Hi camera working well thank you but I can only get 640 x 480 resolution .
    How can I get a higher resolution.

    Thanks and regards

        1. Hi Peter,
          You cannot set the resolution in Skype, as far as I know the resolution should change dynamically, depending on your bandwidth and latency.

  20. Hi everybody. I have been using my Lifecam VX-3000 for a while now after downloading the drivers for this webcam as recommended by oueta. However I came across a post from Windows that Classic Skype will cease to operate from 1 September. See
    Microsoft is hell bent that owners of the older webcam units will have to purchase a newer webcam that is compatible. It is such a shame to discard a hardware device that is still in good working order. As for the new version of Skype, it is my opinion that it is not very user friendly, regardless of what Microsoft has to say. Sorry folks to be the messenger of bad news.

  21. Hi everybody, I would like to share some good news which is contrary to my post on 21 July. I downloaded and installed the new version of Skype 8.0 and to my surprise found that the Lifecam VX-3000 is working 100%, that is video and sound. So obviously the drivers downloaded from this site for Skype classic also works on Skype 8,0. Now I need to get used to the new layout of the latest Skype which should not be a problem. Thanks for your support in the past.

  22. Thanks for the article and informative replies. I managed to get my Microsoft vx3000 camera up and running with a newer windows 10 64 bit Dell laptop by using the driver download linked above and installing the Manycam free software. I needed my camera to stick between some floor joists so I could see what I was doing with some hvac vent cleaning and this combination worked like a charm.

  23. Can’t seem to get this to work. I follow the pictures, set the folders and the end of the install is “unable to find drivers for your device”

          1. Tried both on boot and unplugging/replugging, black screen both times. It seems like it’s audio only mode, as it displays that it’s capturing audio from the mic, but the picture is still a black screen. Any idea?

  24. Since a new “clean” install of Windows 10 Pro by a big Crash of the computer, Microsoft Lifecam VX-6000 only works with Audio, writing and audio calling. When i go to Audio + Video settings, the computer “stops” working with Blue Screen and mention: Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL tcpip.sys.
    Before the crash Lifecam VX-6000 was perfectly working since several Windows versions in the past.
    What can i do to fixe that problem ?
    The helpdesk of Microsoft don’t understand the problem, they always mention to install Skype App. i was working with Skype for desktop (Standalone installer) and was working very well.
    Anyone suggestions are very welcome
    Jean-Marie Lepercq

  25. Hi Jean-Marie,

    Microsoft is trying to retire the classic Skype, a new version can be installed from here: that is what they are trying to say.
    Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL tcpip.sys error could related to a faulty network driver, try to update or install correctly your network adapter.

  26. Thanks Oueta. It didn’t work for me the first time but I deleted the files i downloaded and then downloaded again. Worked a treat the second time.

  27. so i believe i have the drivers downloaded and installed now(when i go to device manager it not longer says there aren’t any drivers installed)…..still no working vx3000 webcam. Under my apps section of settings i don’t see any Vx3000 app(software or program) listed like was in older versions; does the “microsoft camera” app on Windows 10 take care of all usb port external webcams on this desktop gateway ?

  28. Hi All

    If anyone is still looking for a solution to using the old VX-300 camera with windows 10 I have found a workaround! Yay!

    You need 1 piece of 3rd party software for most programmes and then a 2nd for use on Skype. Both are free

    First install the the free version of YouCam8 (google search it as I can’t put links here)

    I find this works for most things. However Skype doesn’t like it. But you simply then run that through a 2nd free software Manycam
    (google search it as I can’t put links here)

    You need both of these running. Always run YouCam8 first.

    Bobs is your uncle fanny is your aunt and all that jazz.

  29. vx3000 worked perfectly under Windwos 10 upgrade from windwos 7. Upgraded probably 2016… Now on a clean install of Windows 10 (1903 – 18362.295) Webcam is detected but not functioning, even after installing drivers from this site. Couldn’t find any solution online. If it was working on an upgraded Windows 10, there must be register hack or some file I can copy from the old installation to the new one. Any ideas? Thank in advance!

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