Guake style terminal with Putty in Windows

Drop-down terminal with Putty in Windows
Drop-down terminal with Putty in Windows

Guake is a drop-down terminal inspired from video games (like Quake) for Linux GNOME environment, the main feature it’s that a hotkey brings up the terminal window wherever you are on the desktop, it’s a fast way to access your terminal. We will setup this feature on Microsoft Windows with AutoHotkeyPutty and putty-quake-terminal autohotkey script.

1. Download and install AutoHotKey
2. Download Putty (putty.exe) and copy to C:\Windows
3. Download putty-quake-terminal and unzip
4. (Optional) Edit putty-quake-console.ini and modify settings
5. Launch putty-quake-console.ahk, login with Putty and press the hotkey (default F12) to toggle.

Optional ( with auto login )

When starting putty-quake-console.ahk Putty will pop-up and you need to select a session, if you would like to auto login go to /microsoft/windows/ssh-auto-login-with-putty-from-windows/ select a method and modify putty_args from putty-quake-console.ini.

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  1. Thank you for this bit and keeping it simple. I had never imagined that I would be able to have guake like functionality on my Windows machine. Very grateful.

  2. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for ages. Simple, to the point, and easy to configure. Thank you so much, this is extremely useful to me.

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